decor project gallery

our diy brand
cooler box w/spicket and bottle opener
up-cycled 70's lazy boy recliner (pallet style)

 cooler box open lid
love seat (pallet style)
the up-cycled tire/ sisal ottoman
finished stump
fence boards made to look like aged barn boards
the kicked up ceiling fan galvanized tub
industrial style pub table
girly glam bench
vintage box chair
custom entry light
8' quarter clock design installation
hardware detail
pallet cargo box table
curbside score/ up-cycled briefcase utility table
bendy wood
bendy wood atomic light fixture
200lb finished stump
oak rocks
vintage luggage shelving
pallet/ chair side table
thing a-ma-jig light
great room design
mid-century modern floor pendant
organic branch art
custom crate boxes
bird cage / mason jar branch floor lamp
scalloped stump end table w/galvanized legs
utility/ herb boxes
log bench
product ready for market

scrap metal stump art
scrap book paper art piece barbed orb light
craftsman floor lamp
aluminum foil nickel technique
industrial corner picture frame
up-cycled chair concrete stool
up-cycled dresser drawer & pallet / chest
"the funky alice headboard" up-cycled door/chair/crates
pallet single pendant light
rustic chic bench
reclaimed lumber wine rack/ riddling style
wall mount beverage station w/curbside lumber
updated yard sale lamp
up-cycled guitar into a super cool side table
3liter bottle concrete pendant light
reclaimed lumber table with a vintage white wash
industrial chic up-cycled tire chandelier
wood rock luminaries w/bohemian vibe
more wood rocks
up-cycled cable spool into industrial style table with concrete legs
river birch pendant luminaries
tree slice art from a river birch
silver leafed vanity
gravity style wine rack
pallet wood wine rack
a bit funky primitive American flag
Parisian style bedroom
rustic mason jar wall sconce
"jankity" style lemonade stand
Texas pallet flag
2 flea market tragedies/revived harp back chairs
pallet lounger chair
pallet chair w/union jack
upcycled encyclopedias into steam-punk lamp
pallet guitar "jankity" style
over-sized tilt mirror w/light vintage industrial style
clean line pallet stool
 occasional table/ ottoman

reclaimed deck 4x4's into art
up-cycled chair stump

suspended pallet day bed
gray washed pallet bench
outdoors pendant light
oversize pallet chair (chevron)
union jack chair w/ cushion
marquee arrow
"jankity" pallet guitar
vintage luggage shelving
branch art piece
live edge stump and metal art
wine bottle pendant
pallet wine rack
log bench w/ old gas pipe legs
industrial revolution bare socket light
tire table w/glass top and casters
concrete table w/club legs
pallet heart
pallet desk and bench

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