Thursday, January 17, 2013

Restaoration Hardware style table done on the cheap

Making things out of shipping pallets or up-cycling a pallet is a huge trend in design. Why not, they're cheap and readily available if you want one. But a simple pallet in and of itself doesn't really say designer look. You have to kick it up just a bit. Maybe give it some restoration hardware look and do it on the cheap...

final product

Stage 1, get yourself a pallet, the sturdier the better. Remove the bottom to your pallet and set the pieces aside for later use. You'll need them so try and remove the pieces without to much damage.

stage 1, removing the bottom
Stage 2, attach (2) of the bottom pieces to the sides of pallet. Some pallets will need (4) pieces for the sides. My pallet only needed (2) pieces, attach with nails or screws whatever you prefer? Once the sides are all attached you will have built a skirt around the pallet.

stage 2, attaching sides

Stage 3, sand the entire pallet to achieve your desired look. I'm looking for a vintage cargo style box, something that came off a ship 80years ago. 80grit paper works great, it will remove material, dirt, and smooth out the edges.

stage 3, sanding the project
stage 3, top of project

Stage 4, cut out four simple but chunky legs from a 6"x6". I wanted the project height to be comfortable to put your feet up on 13" will give you the right height.

stage 4, cutting the chunky legs
stage 4, all the legs
stage 4, sand the leg edges with 80grit

Stage 5, attach the legs to your pallet. Again use your preferred method but a framing nailer works extremely well. Position the legs where they make sense to your style. i went flush against the 3x3" material and a couple of inches recessed from the edge of pallet.

stage 5, attaching legs

Stage 6, getting that restoration Hardware on the cheap look. You will need some aluminum roof flashing and self taping screws. Some flashing's have either a copper side or aluminum looking side. For this project we went with the copper side. Cut out square pieces about 5"x5" fold two of the opposing edges, pound down with a mallet, then fold in half.

stage 6, the supplies
stage 6, folding the two opposing edges
stage 6, folding the flashing in half

Stage 7, attach your cool looking hardware with self taping hex head screws. Place the hardware just off set from the corner and start fastening down each area corner by corner.

stage 7, attaching hardware
stage 7, the corner complete

Stage 8, let's give it that vintage cargo look. With a stencil and flat black spray paint start masking and spraying your project, we went with "FRAGILE" it looks authentic.

stage 8, first spraying

stage 8, second spraying
stage 8, the final look

Stage 9, adding the final touch. Take an old, well worn, leather belt and cut it in half. Attach it to the sides for vintage handles.

stage 9, adding the vintage handles

BAM, the project is done!!

This table no joke can be done in 3-4 hours and has that amazing vintage high end "Restoration hardware" look.

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