Monday, December 17, 2012

Crazy simple jute and button bracelets

While perusing Pinterest my wife came across this really cool bracelet made of old buttons and wax string. Ever since she's been on me to turn it into a family project.

I'm thinking a project that would help reduce her massive collection of old buttons might be a pretty good thing.

So here it is our version; a simple, fun, and actually pretty cool looking bracelet project:

jute and button bracelets

Step 1, cut a piece of jute about 18" long and tie a hoop knot in the middle. The hoop is used for a clasp to hold the bracelet around your wrist (so make sure it's just the right size).

step 1 hoop knot for clasp

Step 2, make another knot about 2" from the hoop knot (this knot will keep your button in the right place while wearing).

step 2 knot two
Step 3, for ease tape the end of the jute so it can be fed through the button holes. In some cases you may have to enlarge the holes of your button, just use the appropriate size drill bit.

step 3 tape end of jute
 Step 4, feed (one or two strands) of the jute through the button hole. In the illustration I only fed a single strand through the button.
stage 4 feed the jute through the holes

Step 5, pull the jute tight and make a third knot just on the other side of button (when around your wrist the button should be centered like a watch).

step 5 backside / third knot

Step 6, adding the final clasp button piece. Again feed a single strand of jute through the button hole, allow enough material to wrap your wrist, tie off at the end, then cut off excess jute.

step 6 adding the clasp button and the final knot

About 5 minutes later that's it (pretty simple and kinda cool looking)!!

finished product

This is a "crazy simple' fun family project that has enormous Christmas gift potential...


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