Monday, December 3, 2012

Curbside score the no-longer bakers rack

Several weeks back my wife made an awesome curbside score, this great bakers rack. I was absolutely blown away that someone missed out on its potential.

The finish was perfect for a rustic re-purpose as it appeared to be neglected outside in the elements for a while.

But what... what do we need that would maximize the find?

stage 1 assessing the score

What about a hanging wall fixture or book case it already has shelves? Perfect a hanging bookshelf it is. The only modification this abandoned rack needed was to lose the bottom legs and well the rest is below.

stage 2 the execution

This curbside find found a perfect home in our up-cycled room. A room where we are challenging ourselves to decorate with mostly trash finds.

Side note: Be sure when doing this you use appropriate hardware in the studs to bear the weight.

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