Sunday, December 2, 2012


A few days ago my wife and I were driving around when she noticed a huge hollow tree stump off the side of the road. I didn't think much about it because we were in her car and couldn't pick it up anyway.

But, a couple days ago I was with my son and his girlfriend in her Jeep and we passed by the hollow stump again. This time we stopped and got that bad boy along with its friend a solid piece.

The wheels starting turning...

Anyway, this is the tutorial on the first project solid "stump-cycle end table."

The first step in this entire process is to make sure your stump piece is dry enough to work with. If it has rot no big deal it simply adds character to the project. You will need to decide to either strip off the bark, leave it on the stump, or perhaps a bit of both.

stage 1 the find and wheels spinning

Once your decisions made on the bark and your sure it's dry enough to work with its time to love on it with a course sandpaper 60grit makes quick work of excess dirt and rotted material. As with any wood project that's going to be finished work your way from course to smooth grit paper (I finish off with 150). Let the piece show off its character such as beetle grooves, rings, and such...

stage 2 loving on the stump

When all your sanding is done blow off your work. The piece is ready for its first coat of polyurethane (the type of poly depends on the use of the piece/ will it be inside or out). The first coat will be absorbed into your stump, let it dry, lightly sand, then re-apply second coat. After second coat dry's again lightly sand and apply a third coat. maybe even a fourth if necessary for your desired finish. The Legs are another area to be creative and anything will work if installed securely. I used a rustic 4x4 laying around and used the modern 15 and 30deg cut. The legs below are 8" long with a counter sink for lag screw head. Pre-drill or bore 1/2" hole through leg set it in location and drive a 10" lag screw to hold.

stage 3 poly and legs

The piece is just about done and starting to look fabulous. Now take a moment to Google what you just made a finished "stump end table." Are you kidding $400 and up!!

stage 4 finished product

One of my favorite projects for sure... a one off custom designer look for a couple of bucks NICE.

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