Tuesday, January 15, 2013

the rainy day Barbed wire orb

I'm one of those types of people who has to be doing something. Cold rainy days are no exception. But sometimes you just have to take it inside where its a tad-bit more cozy. This project is perfect for a lounging around kinda day, "the rainy day barbed orb".

the final product

Stage 1, your supplies. All you need is 16gauge annealed wire that cost about $5 bucks at Homedepot, pliers (lineman work best), then get too it...

stage 1. the supplies

Stage 2,  creating the outer diameter of your orb. Cut eight length's of wire (all the same measurement) be sure to double your wire lengths by wrapping the wire around each other. After you doubled the wire you should have (4) lengths of wire at double thickness.

stage 2, cutting outer diameter lengths

Stage 3, make (4ea) hoops with your double thickness lengths of wire. The orb diameter is determined by these four length's.

stage 3, the hoops

Stage 4, connect your hoops together. (3) will go the same way and make up the sphere or orb and (1) will go around the equator of your orb holding securely with a space between each.

Start with the (3) hoops and make a connection at the top of the orb and the bottom of the orb with a 2" piece of wire (these act as the barbs) wrap them both in opposite directions.

stage 4, the orb and its equator

Stage 5,  make the "S scrolls." Your scrolls will all vary in size be sure to make them with a larger and smaller end. This will allow them to fit different area's of each section of your orb.

stage 5, making "S" scrolls

Stage 6, attaching scrolls to each section of orb. When attaching your scrolls the same method is used a 2" piece of wire wrap it around part of the scroll and part of the orb. Attach them in area's that naturally make sense for the scrolls position and shape.

stage 6, attaching "S" scrolls
close up of barb

Stage 7, all the "S" scrolls attached and the orb taking shape. once everything has been attached and each section of orb has its scroll you may need to shape it a bit.

Remember it's a handmade project and there will be imperfections in the shape. Shape it the best you can than leave it alone it's art...

stage 7, shaping the orb

I think these would be a super cool light fixture, but they can be hung as is, or simply placed somewhere next to other items and use it in a grouping.

This project is more of a crafty one for sure. It's super fun, pretty simple, and has that unique not so ordinary look I love!! 


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