Monday, January 7, 2013

Re-thinking your lighting 2

Several years ago my mother in law gave my wife this really cool vintage birdcage. We always thought of it and used it as a fun rustic outdoor piece until today... BAM another idea on pinterest!! Someone used a vintage birdcage as a light fixture and it immediately made me think of our very cool cage hanging in the yard.

A trip to Lowe's and well here it is a crazy cool custom light fixture.

Stage 1, take the bottom out of the cage. Removing the bottom from this cage was pretty simple i just shimmed a couple of flat-head screwdrivers and pry it open a bit to break each weld.

 Stage 2, run the light set up through the top of the cage. All we needed for this project was a light socket, canopy kit, a couple links of chain, and wire. Once you have your light kit wired from the bottom run your wire through your chain and tie a knot at the top to prevent it from falling through. Be sure to add a safety wire to help hold during installation and in case fixture falls it's kinda heavy don't chance it...

stage 2, running the light kit through the cage
stage 2, looking at the light socket
stage 3, the knot tied at the top and safety wire

Stage 4, install the light fixture. I recommend having someone help you hold the fixture. Positive to positive, negative to negative, and ground off the safety wire.

It just happened that my existing fixture's globe was a perfect fit on the inside of the cage hiding the simple rustic look of the socket light. I'm not sure if I'm going with this look or not?

stage 4, installed turned on with the globe
stage 4, existing fixture
stage 4, rustic simple socket look

This project took about 45 minutes, cost about $15 and is going to give the room we put it in a very unique and eclectic vibe. Very nice!! Oh and thanks Pinterest.

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