Thursday, December 20, 2012

The kicked Up ceiling fan

Several years back we bought a ceiling fan for our great room. The fan was nice but kinda simple looking. I've been racking my brain a bit as to what to do with dressing it up a bit. After several idea's and no execution I was getting stumped.

Until today it hit me let's go drum or barrel style and make a fun but funky "kicked up ceiling fan."

finished product

Stage 1, assessing what will and what wont work. Our fan has a light kit that's attached by three adjustable clamps (you'll see what I mean further in this tutorial). This galvanized tub has that cool looking barrel lamp look that I'm going for, of course with a rustic twist.

stage 1, assessing what can work

Stage 2, take off existing light fixture and get a measurement of the diameter you're going to need. The glass fixture to my fan was attached in three places, after removing get the diameter that's required for your new fixture (mine was about a 9"dia). This will allow my new fixture to slip over the lights and mount flush to the three adjustable clamps.

stage 2, out with the old in with the new

Stage 3, now that I know a 9" diameter is whats needed find something that has that dimension (my wifes mixing bowl will do). Trace out with a sharpie.

stage 3, trace out your diameter

Stage 4, drill a couple of starter holes that will allow you to start snipping out the diameter.

stage 4, drill starter holes

Stage 5, with a set of metal snips follow your diameter and cut it out.

stage 5, just snip it

stage 5, all ready

 Stage 6, give it some WOW factor. Take a crayon and draw free flowing scrolls all around the tub diameter.
stage 6, drawing scrolls

Stage 7, set yourself up with a little jig that will allow you to punch through the sides of your scrolls with a 16nail and hammer. This step takes time but will be well worth what you put into it.

stage 7, blinging it

Stage 8, getting it ready to mount. The tub already has a seam at the bottom that can be held by the fans adjustable clamps. But for safety sake mark where each of the clamp contact points will be and flair them out with a pair of channel locks.

stage 8, flaring
stage 8, looking at the clamps where the flared edge is held

Stage 9, insert your old fixture cover if it fits and secure it with a couple of screws.

stage 9, inserting the old light cover

stage 9, holding it in with a couple of screws

Stage 10, using 100% silicone re attach your finials to the bottom of the light fixture and let sit to dry.

stage 10, attaching the finial

Stage 11, hang that bad boy!! This can take two people and make sure you test fit making sure everything is going to fit as planned.

stage 11, hanging that bad boy

Now turn on the light, turn on the fan, stand back and give it a test run.
Bam, another custom one off piece that makes it's own statement.

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