Friday, March 1, 2013

Huge style almost "FREE" organic art

One super hot trend in design is organic art pieces. If well executed it can dramatically change a room by bringing the outdoors in and adding a bit of natural rustic vibe. Surprisingly organic pieces like this will take on whatever style decor of your space. Is your space modern the art looks modern? Is your space rustic it will look rustic. In whatever the setting indoors or out I say go big and go for it! Why not the piece is practically free anyway?

As we all know art is expensive especially big impact pieces like the one we're about to make in our project at hand "the almost free organic art."

final product a 3'x6' organic art piece outside front entry
final product inside the house
Stage 1, the foraging.
we live in an extremely wooded area so I don't have to go far for this project. In fact all these pieces for the project were found by my daughters school. If you don't live in a location that's wooded either find a place or next time you prune those trees around the house set them aside for this project. Where ever you go to get them don't forget pruners and a hand saw. Trim off all excess branches but be sure to maintain some of the natural "Y's" on a few branches.

stage 1, the foraging score oak branches

Stage 2, the supplies needed.
Your supplies are pretty basic and the only thing you may need to purchase is the 16gauge wire. In addition to the branches I have pruners, loppers, dykes, and wire that's it.

stage 2, your supplies

Stage 3, establishing frame.
Go in any direction you like for reference we did a 3'x6' rectangle. Take a few of your straighter branches and form your frame. It's organic and its art so don't worry about perfection. Over lap your pieces just enough to wire them together. Wrap each branch connection with wire and tighten with dykes or pliers.

stage 3, laying out frame
stage 3, close up of overlap and wire

Stage 4, start layering.
You want to start placing branches within the framework you created. Remember to overlap and secure each piece as you go. Be sure to layer free form one here and one there. Step back often to see your design and to fill holes.
stage 4, layering started
stage 4, layering continued
stage 4, layering continued/ standing back checking for holes
stage 4, layering done
stage 4, close up of all the wired connections

This project is pretty simple but does take a couple of hours of layering and securing. Don't forget to add a picture wire style of hanger to the back so you can mount your work and show it off (if it's not to big and heavy). What was super cool about this project. I had opportunity to involve my daughter, she's a pretty good forager.

final product ready for market or to enjoy

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