Tuesday, February 5, 2013

vintage luggage shelving with a bit of funkiness (phase 1)

A cool vintage piece of luggage is always a sweet score. The bummer, because they've become so desirable the price of one keeps climbing up and up. But where there's an item with high desirability comes an item with big repurposability.

I've seen people create an entire chest of drawers out of their vintage luggage finds, it really looks pretty cool. Any how the short of it people are doing some super funky, unique and crazy cool things with these pieces. 

Our complete project will be done in a couple of phases as the pieces are acquired.

The project vintage luggage shelving with a bit of funkiness.

final product of phase 1 (front side staged for photo)
final product of phase 1 (back side)

Stage 1, acquiring the find or finds. This wooden piece is a perfect jump off point for starting the floating stack of shelves.

stage 1 acquiring your find

Stage 2, splitting the piece in half. From one side of your piece measure and scribe a line where you want the piece cut. Do this step on all four sides of your piece. Once you have your line scribed on all sides be sure they match up, then take your circular saw and start cutting. If your piece has the luggage liner in it still you may want to remove it before cutting to prevent ot from wrapping up in the saw. Once cut in two sand all cut edges.

stage 2, project cut in two
 Stage 3, reinforcing the piece. Once you cut the project in two it needs strengthening. Measure the distance of your cut piece from top to bottom and cut a couple of 2x4's to give the sides their needed structure. Use a pneumatic gun if you have one it's small nail heads are easily hidden. If you don't use finish nails. Your piece will need a nailer kleet a 2x4 cut to fit between your side supports that the piece will mount to (you'll see what I mean when installing the piece).

stage 3, cutting side supports
stage 3, nailing side supports to your piece

Stage 4, getting ready to hang your piece. there's two reasons for cutting your luggage in to two pieces. One a shelf doesn't require a large depth. Two this is where a bit of the funkiness comes in we chose a wall that you can see a profile of the two pieces mounted from each side of the wall.

stage 4, both pieces ready to mount
stage 4, a view of the profile wall

Stage 5 mounting your pieces. Determine your desired height and mark it with a level. Follow your level and make a mark on your outside corners and on the backside of the wall. This determines your height you still need to determine the distance of your piece from the wall. Find a stud and screw your mounting kleet into it in (2)places. Once piece is on use two small course drywall screws to hold. Duplicate these steps for the other half of your luggage. Stand back and make sure their both mounted at the same height.

stage 5, attaching mounting kleet
stage 5, attaching your piece to the kleet
stage 5, repeating and mounting the other half
stage 5, standing back and viewing the profile

Again this is only phase 1 of what will eventually be a stack of floating pieces of super cool vintage luggage shelving. The more luggage you add the bigger the statement your installation will have. The funkiness part is optional (adding the pieces on the other side of the wall). The corky funky part is what makes this one fun for me.

I love it and can't wait to get my other pieces up!!

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  1. That is very cool, I have never seen vintage luggage used like that before! I wish I was handy so that I could create some cool structures like you have. Thanks for sharing.


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