Thursday, February 7, 2013

out with the old light in with the funky "thing a-ma-jig"

Ever since we moved into our current house several years ago I've disliked a sconce light in a pass through hall. It has a very art deco style which never made sense in our newer construction house.

Finally I have something pretty cool to replace it with, a throw away plant hanger find with big style.

So it's out with the old light and in with something funky and a bit more fitting a plant thing a-ma-jig.

final product/ with exception of the wrong paint match "oops"

Stage 1, out with the old. This existing fixture although fine in a period appropriate house is somewhat out of place in ours. Shut down power source and remove fixture but set it aside it has components that can be used on another project.

stage 1, this one is outta here

Stage 2, the really cool throw away score. A plant hanger "thing a-ma-jig" that has great possibilities as something other than what it once was a funky light fixture.

Stage 3, the needed supplies. Lighting set ups are really pretty simple and can be picked up for a couple of bucks at your preferred store of choice. I happened to have everything you see below on hand which makes this project budget friendly a free-b!! I'm using my thing a-ma-jig fixture, an extra pre-wired under the counter puck light, chain, toggle hook, light canopy, and a couple of screws, nuts, and washers.

stage 3, the supplies

Stage 4, mounting the puck light. The underside of a puck light has (2) mounting holes for screws. I simply used these to fasten it to my fixture.

stage 4, looking at the puck hole from mounting position.
stage 4, attaching washer and screw
stage 4, looking at the puck light from inside the fixture

Stage 5, adding chain for swag and weaving the wire. The existing fixture needed a couple of feet of additional chain for mounting purposes and for weaving the fixtures wire through.

stage 5, adding chain
stage 5, weaving wire through the chain

Stage 6, hooking up and mounting. With power off be sure to make proper positive and negative connections and ground. Find your desired location for hanging point and install your toggle hook. Finally, paint if necessary. I have SEVERAL gallons of paint and matching a color sometimes can be an issue as in this case (the final photo shows my oops) no big deal just re-paint it and move on.

stage 6, the hook up

This fixture turned out pretty cool and I like it!! 

Chances are you may not be able to get an identical piece as this. But don't let that stop you from being creative. Find something you like and look at it from the perspective of what it could be by abandoning the thought of what it is.

Design is in everything. Just do your thing.

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